You, my darkness.

It all started out so simple. A developing crush that soon came to cripple. During that walk home, everything turned to mush.

You said I kissed so soft and hugged so sweetly. But I didn’t know what this was going to cost me. Everything changed that I night I decided to sneak out of my house for you. I saw who you truly were.

You forced me into your bedroom, and told me to relax, that it wasn’t going to hurt. I told you I’ve never done this before and that I wasn’t ready.

But you didn’t listen. You kept telling me to just relax and enjoy it.

How could I have enjoyed it when all I wanted to do was scream for help and make it all stop.

I grew tired of trying to fight you. I grew numb to the pain and just waited for you to finish so I could run home and pretend it never happened.

As you finished, you told me to clean myself up as your siblings came down the stairs. “What do we get, sloppy seconds?” Said the boy.

I just wanted to run.. and I’m still, 7 years later; running from you, my darkness.