Did you..?

“Did you take your medicine?” They ask as my depressed face wears heavy. “Are you okay?” They ask as I’m clearly holding back the tears.

“What’s wrong?” They ask as they see I’m as clueless as they are. “Do you want to talk about it?” They ask as if talking about it will actually help.

“Did you talk to your therapist?” They ask as if they actually care. “Did you talk to your mom?” They ask as if they think she’s what I need right now.

“Don’t you know that it’ll all go away?” They ask as if it were that easy. “Don’t you know that it’ll get better?” They ask as if there’s hope anymore.

“Did you take your medicine?” No.. I stopped taking it. “Are you okay?” No.. and I don’t want to be okay.. this’ll be the last you hear from me

Because I stopped trying.