The way things are.

The sound of cars rushing by. The sound of the train making its departure horn. The way the cold air brushes against your skin.

The way only one person asked if I was okay and needed a ride across the bridge. The way the one street light that could highlight you is faded by boarder.

The way the circles of ice flow with the river. The way it makes you feel… at peace.

The pit of pills in your stomach.. making you want to puke and also faint.

Faint into the river to no longer be seen. So that you don’t have to be the burden. So you no longer have to feel pain.

That’s the way things are right now. Peaceful. Only for a second. Maybe I’ll go further and jump. Or maybe I’ll just go home and do it another day… but something tells me tonight is the night.

I love you. I’ll watch over you.

That’s the way things are.