These walls, they’re caving in.. suffocating me, making it hard to breathe. Making it hard to focus.. focus on what is or isn’t real.

Are you real? Is what you’re telling and making me feel real?.. or is it these walls, playing mind games on me.

The delusion that you still care and “love” me. The delusion that your intentions are true.. whatever those may be.

What are your intentions? To keep me alive? To keep me in your life, forever?… or is it simply to one day throw me to the wolves while your love for her pounders more.

You know I need you, I know in a sick, twisted way, you need me too. But I can’t take this feeling.. that I’m no longer good enough for you

That no matter how many times we go back to something physical or tell each other “I love you”, that it means absolutely nothing to you.

So I’m left here, caving into these walls.. left alone to rot… to cry.. to wonder….

…to be numb.