The open gate.

This past year has been… something. There’s so many things I regret but I wouldn’t be able to feel that regret if i never met you.

Yes, I’m angry and full of hatred towards you but I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at myself for believing every word you said to me to make me fall in love.

But was it love? At one point, it was.. at least for me. I can’t answer that question for you. I don’t even know who are you anymore.

That was probably the point right? To be someone that I’d fall for and learn to love? So you can feel free, even just for a little bit? To open the gate that kept you enclosed?

Like a wild animal, that got out. You ruined everything in your path. Some like you, some found you fascinating and others like me, feared you beyond life itself.

Why did I fear you? Maybe because I knew one day you’d do exactly as you did. You put me in the the gate that held you captive and locked it shut.

Making me question my existence. Leaving me to want to end my life, multiple times. Left me to rot and left me to die.

The gate is now open as you are gone and I have to relearn who I am because I was held captive from the world when I was with you.