My first Mother’s Day.

This day, most moms are so excited to celebrate what made them a mother. Today, I do the opposite and mourn in silence. I have no one to celebrate for.. to celebrate with.

I miss you. More than you’ll ever know. I hope I get to meet you one day. I hope I get to hear your laugh and see your precious smile.

You and your sibling both have my whole heart attached to you guys. Both of you has made me a better person, more cautious.

I now look over my shoulder, so no one hurts me.. so no one hurts you. I’m now careful or the men I choose to have in my life.

Because one day they’ll be your father and if they’re anything like your last, it’ll just be me and you kiddo.

I miss and love you guys with my whole heart and soul. I hope that one day, we’ll meet. 💕