I feel myself sink. Drifting further and further. I was floating for quiet a while, now it’s like someone tied me to a 50 pound rock that’s pulling me to the darkness.

It becomes hard to breathe. Is this it? Will I finally take my last breath. I hope so. The river grabs hold of my tears.

The river dances with my tears as if saying “it’s okay to be hurt, you can still float to the surface.” I do just that. I take my arms that have went limp in the drop and raise them.

Then drop them and repeating this motion.. I feel myself with less pressure by each stroke. Is this it? Am I gonna be okay?

I almost reach the surface until you, the current takes me back under. I’m suffocating. I can’t breathe. You finally took me to the finish line that was welded in my head.

These waters now hold my body. Surrounding me with the cold, sharp words that you possessed it to have. I’m drowning in your sorrow.