Why do you always open your mouth? Don’t you know they don’t care? They don’t care what comes out of your mouth. You’re just another girl that happens to pass by.

Each day you’re bounded to what you used to be and trapped by the person you thought was good for you. I no longer feel like myself. I’m just a prisoner in my own life.

Do this, do that, don’t talk like that to me, who do you think you are? Don’t you know I care about you? Don’t you see that I want to marry you, and have kids with you?

You’re nothing but mixed signals that make me want to burrow into myself. Can’t you see what you’re doing to me? Or have you not even noticed who I was when you first walked into my life?

Everyday I question, “why are you still here?” “what are you using me for?” Because everyday, I feel myself getting deeper and deeper into myself to where I can no longer get myself out.

Why are you still here? Is it because you find it comforting that I’m so low in self confidence that I submit myself to you? Let you be the dominate one that controls and watches my every move? Or is it because maybe you do care, not like you even say you do..

But if you cared, why do you let me feel this way when I’ve told you how low I feel and what I’ve been through recently in my life?

Why. Do. You. Let. Me. Feel. This. Way.

It’s alright though.. one day before you actually leave.. I’ll take your handgun, and put a hollow point through my skull so you won’t have to worry about how I feel anymore.

I’ll be as your others. “Ain’t shit”

There’s a reason why I haven’t really told you that I loved you, because each time I want to, you make me feel like I’m worthless. Like I’m nothing. Like I ain’t shit.

You’re right though… I’m a nobody. Never have been…. never will be.